Royal South Hants Minor Injuries Unit
Royal South Hants Minor Injuries Unit

When can I visit the Royal South Hants MIU?

The Minor Injuries Unit is open from 7.30am - 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am - 10pm on Weekends and Bank Holidays. Our last patient is accepted at 9.30pm.

What is the process to be seen at the Minor Injuries Unit?

On arrival to the Minor Injuries Unit you will be asked by our reception team to fill in your details on a form. Once this has been completed the reception team will add your details to the computer system. The See and Treat nurse will wait for your details to appear on their list and will then (within approximately 15 minutes) call you through to take a brief description of the reason you are attending and will perform an assessment of your condition. 

Based on the information you have provided us, as well as the assessment the See and Treat nurse has conducted, we will prioritise when you will be seen. If the See and Treat nurse feels that your condition can be addressed within ten minutes, they will see, treat and discharge you there and then.

If, however, your condition is considered to be more complex, they will amend your notes and then pass them onto the nurse practitioner list. A nurse practitioner will then call you through to the main department to conduct a full assessment and to take more details of your condition, enabling them to treat and/or advise you.

Can I see a doctor at the Minor Injuries Unit?

If you attend the Minor Injuries Unit for treatment you will be seen by a highly experienced and qualified nurse practitioner, who will assess your condition and provide you with the most appropriate treatment and/or advice.  If, however, the nurse practitioner would like you to be seen by a doctor, they will have a number of options available for you. For example, they may arrange for you to see your own GP or they may need you to be reviewed by our emergency department consultant who runs a review clinic once a week at the Minor Injuries Unit.

How long are the waiting times at South Hants MIU?

The average waiting time at the MIU depends on the time of day, how many patients are waiting to be seen and the urgency of these patients. We aim for you to be seen within two hours but more often than not our patients are seen, assessed and discharged within one hour.

Can I been seen at the MIU if I have a head injury?

Yes. We are able to see patients with minor head injuries, however, if the patient has had a loss of consciousness they should attend the nearest emergency department or dial 9-9-9 for an ambulance immediately.

Can I have an X-ray at the MIU?

Yes. We have a an in-house diagnostic X-ray department which provides X-ray services during the same opening hours as the Minor Injuries Unit. X-rays are available for arms and legs for patients who are two years old and up.

Is there free car parking at the Minor Injuries Unit?

No. The car park is operated by Solent NHS Trust on behalf of the local NHS and operates on a pay on departure system.

How will you keep the details I share with you private?

Like all health organisations we are legally obliged to maintain your confidentiality at all times, adhering to the Data Protection Act. This means that any information you share with us is stored safely and only used for the purpose of providing treatment for you. Information will not be shared with anyone else apart from your GP or other health care professionals that are relevant to your care.

I am already receiving treatment from my GP for my condition. Can I come to the Minor Injuries Unit for a second opinion?

If you are already under the care of your GP for your condition, our team is unable to intervene in the care your GP is providing you. We would only see you in these circumstances if there has been a sudden change in your condition and in which case, we would assess you and get you back to see your GP as soon as possible.

Can the MIU provide me with a repeat prescription?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide patients with any repeat prescriptions.  We advise patients to follow their doctor's surgery directions for obtaining medications.

How can I give feedback and comments after my visit?

There are three ways in which you can give feedback following your visit to the Minor Injuries Unit. We encourage all of our patients to complete a short patient satisfaction survey during their visit or alternatively you can send a letter to the manager or post feedback via our website. Click here to view our complaint guide.

Am I able to get the medication I may need for my condition at the Minor Injuries Unit?

Yes. Our nurse practitioners are able to prescribe the majority of medications you may need to treat your condition. You will then be able to take the prescription to any chemist as you would with prescriptions from your GP.

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